How to style a white button up

  I know, I know, basic….right? But that’s the whole point. The sole purpose of its existence is to be just that. Here is where you come in. Your styling is what is going to differentiate you from the girl /boy next door.
   There are a couple of ways you can style the white button up. Make it go from okay to who’s that chic *insert Rihanna’s voice* 😂. Here are a few tips and tricks to achieve that.
•Tucking in
•Cuffing hands

Today I’m only going to show you different ways you can layer up the white shirt.

1.Under it

Look 1
In look one, I have a bandeau underneath my button up. To add some edge ,I’ve tied
It at my waist, then added sunglasses on.

   Look 2
      I bet you’ve never done this but Mehn! Let me tell you now! Turtelencks! 😂 that’s it. Instead of rocking them how you’re used to ,on top of clothes, try it vice versa. As for me,  I used my fav turtleneck which is shear. Unbutton the shirt at at the top to get that street vibe going on.

  2. Over it

Look  3
   Corsets!  They are so beautiful. You most probably won’t go out during the day in only a corset. How about you switch it up and wear it over your white button up? Cool, right? Yeah, I know, you should definitely try it out. To make it better, you can ditch the pants at night as long as your white shirt is long enough, babe! Now go out and conquer the world love 😊❤.

Look 4
  The bandeau makes a comeback. I took the first look and only swapped the pants for blue ones. I switched the bandeau from I side to outside, then I untucked .And y’all still complain you don’t have clothes to wear? It’s all about getting creative and playing around with your clothes, just like I wrote in  “BACK TO YOU”.

I want y’all to comment on your favorite look and what you’re definitely going to try out. Tag me when you do with the hashtag #fashionishigang. Challenge accepted?


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