The male species have been created to be simple creatures. Well, you know, except lightskin niggas πŸ˜‚. I’m joking tho, but here are a few tips and tricks.
Let your clothes fit please! I don’t know how or why people underestimate the power of fitting clothes. Clothes that are well fitting can literally change your whole look. You can’t be out here looking like your drowning in clothes. Unless you’re going for the oversized look which is completely different .
Tucking in? If you want a clean classy look, tucking in simply gets it done. On top of that, add a belt. It pulls the look together making you look like Mr.Steal your girls πŸ˜‰.
Invest in shoes. Doesn’t really have to be many pairs but they need to be able to work your whole wardrobe. Can’t be out here looking like a clown.
Please,please,please!!! Cabbage plantations on your head are a big no no. Why you out here looking like you have portholes on your head? Shave bald if necessary if you can’t keep your hair looking fresh.
I know a lot of you out here just smell like weed,bad breath and disappointment, but parfume works too. If anything, it works better. Try it sometime, you won’t be disappointed.
Gents this is how to open them flood gates and keep them panties dropping. 😏πŸ”₯😌

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